Frequently Asked Questions in Monticello MN

Find the answers below to the most frequently asked questions about Gonstead chiropractors in Monticello MN. Having the answers to these common questions can help you choose the best chiropractor Monticello MN chiropractor for you. If you don't see the answer below to a question you have, call your team at (763) 295-4797!

Is chiropractic care safe?

Chiropractic care is one of the safest forms of health care available. In fact you have a greater risk of injury/complication by taking one Tylenol than you do from receiving a Chiropractic adjustment.

All clients receive a comprehensive exam including neurological, muscular, skeletal and functional assessment. If Chiropractic care is not appropriate for your condition, proper referral will be recommended.

Does my insurance cover chiropractic care?

Every insurance policy is different. Most insurance policies do cover (or help cover) Chiropractic care. The doctor will go over your insurance coverage with you individually before any treatment is given. This allows you to make an informed decision about your health care.

Studer Chiropractic, P.C. is a participating provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicare. Clients with other insurance companies will be responsible for their payment at the time of service and can file with their insurance company to be reimbursed directly.

Some employers understand that insurance companies do not satisfy everyone's needs. Therefore companies offer 'flex' plans or Health Savings Accounts to accommodate individual needs. These Flex plans or Health Savings Accounts can easily be used here in our office.

Studer Chiropractic, P.C. also offers attractive cash rates and family discounts to make chiropractic care affordable for everyone.

Who should see a chiropractor?

We believe everyone should be seeing a chiropractor. Similar to going to your dentist or changing the oil in your car, wellness check ups are a beneficial way to keep your spine healthy. We demand a lot from our bodies on a daily basis. It is important that they are working properly and our nervous system is free from irritation to allow the body to stay healthy. The Chiropractors at Studer Chiropractic, P.C. have undergone additional education specializing in caring for pregnant women, infants and children and enjoy seeing EVERY member of the family.

Do chiropractors only treat back pain?

Chiropractors treat much more than just backs. Not only can we help with all areas of your spine and extremities (knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, wrist, jaw, etc) we can also help with many different issues as well. Some other conditions we can help with are; constipation, immune function, sinus problems, digestion, heart burn, dizziness, fatigue, etc. For an additional conditions see our ‘commonly treated conditions’ page.

Here is an example: Your complaint is heartburn. Heartburn is caused from stomach acid leaking outside of the stomach where it is NOT suppose to be. Why is your stomach 'leaking acid'? Chiropractors look for irritation on the nerves that control the stomach. If there is a problem here (typically this area is 'between the shoulder blades') we will adjust those misaligned joints and remove the irritation from these nerves and allow your stomach to function properly. This will also get rid of the pain between your shoulder blades! If your specific condition is not suitable for chiropractic care, proper referral will be made.

Does it hurt to get adjusted?

Adjustments are not supposed to hurt. The Chiropractors use the least amount of force needed to get the job done. Occasionally there may be some discomfort after the first adjustments as the body begins to readjust to the new position and movement of the bones. These areas may also be more sensitive in the beginning because this is where the problem is located and the area is probably already irritated. If any discomfort is felt it is usually mild and short lived.

What's that popping / cracking sound?

The sound you typically hear when you get adjusted is actually gas/pressure being released from the joints. It is NOT your bones cracking! It is much like opening up a fresh pack of tennis balls or opening a bottle of champagne.

What is our education?

The Chiropractors at Studer Chiropractic have Bachelor degrees in Science as well as a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. The Doctor of Chiropractic curriculum is similar to the education of a Medical Doctor. It consists of 5 academic years made up of courses in basic science, clinical science, chiropractic science, and clinical experience. Additional information can be found at Northwestern College of Chiropractic. The Chiropractors at Studer Chiropractic, P.C. also have additional education in pediatrics from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association ( and in the Gonstead Technique (

What should I expect?

The first visit typically lasts about 45 minutes and includes the Doctor performing a history, exam and taking x-rays taken if necessary. The Chiropractors at Studer Chiropractic, P.C. will then spend some time going over the findings and x-rays and develop a plan for your treatment. You will then return for your second visit where the Doctor will explain the findings and their plan for you. This would be a good time for a spouse or parent to join you so they can support you in your journey to better health. You typically recieve your first treatment at the end of this appointment.


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